The Nebraska Correctional Administrators and Managers Association (NCAMA) helps shape the future of Corrections in the state of Nebraska through strong and progressive leadership, bringing together coalitions and partnerships that promote policy and procedure development and educational opportunities for all Correctional Officers in this state.
NCAMA, working in conjunction with Nebraska Jail Standards, provides a professional organization for all Correctional associated individuals and groups that share the common goal of improving our Nebraska county Correctional system.

1. MEMBERSHIP - Promote and expand membership. Develop ideas for gaining membership and strategies for keeping continuous membership to serve the purpose of NCAMA.

2. CORRECTIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Provide excellence in professional development and educational opportunities for all Nebraska correctional officers and in turn promote ways for expanding these opportunities to those who cannot attend these professional functions.

3. STANDARDS - Ensure that all Correctional facilities in the State of Nebraska have the integrity and knowledge to meet all the Nebraska Jail Standards. Work in conjunction with Nebraska Jail Standards upon their request to help with research and opinions from our organization to ensure that we are all following the standards process and excellent correctional practice.

4. EDUCATION - Keep relationships strong with Correctional educators so we may promote opportunities to utilize them in our educational goals.

5. CORRECTIONAL ATTITUDE TO THE PUBLIC - Help serve as a voice for Corrections to gain excellent public perception for the Nebraska Correctional field through sound policies and procedures.

The Nebraska county detention facilities are established to deliver quality detention services and programs within our communities. We need to provide these Correctional services in a positive, efficient, and safe manner while maintaining a safe and secure environment for staff and inmates.

NCAMA-"Helping Shape the Future of Corrections in the State of Nebraska!"

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