Upcoming classes by Denny Macomber!

Greetings! Jail Standards staff will be providing three training schools this fall that you or your staff may be interested in:
• On October 21 - 25, we will be presenting the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) Jail Administration course in Lexington at the Dawson County Sheriff’s Department training facility. This 40-hour course is a nuts and bolts course on how to run a jail and includes the Role of the Jail Administrator, Building Support for the Jail in your Community, Utilizing Jail Standards, Developing Policy and Procedure, Determining Staffing Needs, Promoting Optimal Staff Performance, Managing Inmate Behavior, Developing a Fire Safety Plan, Managing Resources, Managing Risk, and Assessing Jail Operations. All new Sheriff’s with jails and new Jail Administrators should attend this course. It will substitute for completion of the 80-hour Initial Jail Training to meet Nebraska Jail Standards. This course is also excellent for any staff who are looking to move into facility administration or management in the future.
• On November 4 - 8, we will be presenting the NIC Foundation Skills for Trainers (Training for Trainers) course in Papillion at the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Training Room. This 36-hour program will help participants develop the preparation, presentation, and platform delivery skills needed to conduct training using established curricula. Focus areas include the needs and characteristics of adult learners, learning styles, the role of the correctional trainer, managing a learner-centered training environment, asking and responding to questions, facilitating lesson plans, teaching to performance objectives, and basic teaching methods. This course will meet the requirements to provide training within a jail facility as required by Jail Standards.
• On December 9 - 13, we will be presenting the Curriculum Development course in Kearney at the Buffalo County Detention Center. This course is for anyone who will be creating or updating lesson plans for jail training for any orientation or initial training in jails in Nebraska. It is suggested that participants already have some experience in presenting training or have completed the NIC Foundation Skills for Trainers course (training for trainers) or a similar trainer development course. This course will focus on how to create defendable, productive, consistent lesson plans for staff use in the classroom.
All three of these courses are NIC developed courses and are top notch! Please let me know who you would like to send to each course and their email address so I can contact them. If you have any further questions give me a call at 402 432-1034. Thanks! Denny

Denny Macomber

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